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"The charm of carpentry craft is a daily game of creating and producing new spaces and objects. The carpenter is a creator, a master, an artist who knows and understands the soul of the tree."

We are committed to providing the finest carpentry services and the highest quality workmanship.  Working with wood in its natural form is our passion and we pride ourselves on the in-depth knowledge we have of the many different species of wood.

Wood as natural material is warm, and as such is an essential part of any interior.  Our wish is to offer our customers more and better products and services, and therefore we only work with first class materials of known local origin, and all sorts of exotic wood of controlled origin. In order to achieve the outstanding quality, we use the dried naturally material with the additional drying in a dryer. Surface finishing is done with natural oils, water-based varnish as well as thin or thick layer glazes.
We fulfil our customers' wishes by providing an extraordinary original service, creating an original handmade joinery and interiors according to the exact specifications of our clients. If desired, customers can combine wood with many other materials, ranging from glass, leather, keroka, fabrics for furniture, as well as hand-painted furniture parts by painters.

We will work with you to incorporate distinct work areas, storage solutions and living spaces based on your specific taste and precise needs. Wood is our means.
Get your interior tailor-made to your individual style – and make the most of any space.

Carpentry Bekić has been established for over 40 years, as it was established in 1973 and since then has been working successfully. In 2010, I took over the leadership of the business and continued to expand the work by bringing new ideas for our products and services. Our approach to each project is to use our many years of experience in carpentry and woodcraft to offer high quality and standard, efficient and imaginative solutions to all sorts of woodwork tasks: from building stairs to built in cupboards and storage; hardwood and softwood joinery; and veneered finishes.  We work in Zagreb, Croatia, for the domestic and commercial sectors, and recently started working abroad.
I would be very glad to answer any questions that you, our clients and potential customers, might have.
Mario Bekić, owner
Stolarija Bekić / Carpentry Bekić


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